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Do you have a broken desktop or laptop computer? Are you in need of an “MOT” to improve the performance of your PC? Come to Giakonda IT for all your Swansea computer repair requirements. We have a fully equipped workshop where our experienced staff  will solve most problems in a couple of days. If you

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Wannacry ransomware

Wannacry ransomware is just the latest in a series of increasingly sophisticated attacks. In view of the major cyber attacks on NHS and many other institutions in hundreds of countries worldwide, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of being vigilant whenever you use the internet. DON’T open email attachments from people you don’t know. If

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Security Hints & Tips

Things to think about These security hints and tips will help you keep safer on your network and online. Protect your computer against power surges and brief outages. Most modern Laptops and PCs are pretty resilient against the odd surge in power but if you live in a more remote area this can be a

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Introduction Businesses both large and small are under threat from increasingly aggressive and brutal ransomware attacks. Loss of access to critical files, followed by a demand for payment can cause massive disruption to an organization’s productivity. But what does a typical attack look like? And what security solutions should be in place to give you

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eFraud and how to prevent it

Types of eFraud Phishing emails look like official communications from a bank, retailer or government department.  they ask the victim to “confirm” some of their confidential data.  often on the pretext of some sort of security measure being implemented or response to some possibly fraudulent use of the account scam can be made to look

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