Backing up data

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Backing up data

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Why back up?
1) Under the Data Protection Act, we are responsible for data we hold on other people. We should take care that personal information is only used for what we say it will be used for and that it is safe.
2) We don’t want disruption to our business caused by our IT system malfunctioning. Backing up our important data is part and parcel of our business continuity plan.

What to back up?
You only need to back up your data, not the operating system and programs. So the backup always takes up much less space than the rest. Once you have done your first backup, it should be possible to copy only the changes made between backups.

It is always a good idea to keep as much as possible of your data together in one place to simplify the backup process. In our office all our data is in a folder on one computer.
When it comes to the backup process it is simply a question of copying that folder to another location.
One backup should ideally be off-site, in case there is a total disaster in the office.

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